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Chief Investment Officer
Rakesh Shah

WealthFirst Hall of Fame

30+ years of experience in financial markets, mutual funds, and more
Specializes in MF/DEBT income, macro markets, risk management, and liquidity position
Strong quantitative skills and tech-based approach towards wealth management.


Being an instrumental player in the growth of Wealthiest for more than 28 years, I have led large-scale deals for the Bonds Market along with mentoring and training young minds in the intricacies of Bond Market and Mutual Funds. I have also successfully helped our clientele protect capital through precise and dedicated investment planning in the face of global financial crisis. I am a keen follower of the broad interest rate markets and have a knack of developing accurate insights on the impact of macro markets along with interest rate risk management and liquidity position. My biggest strengths include formidable knowledge of financial and capital markets, and the knack of wetting each instrument with the lens of XIRR & cash flow returns. With my strong quantitative skills coupled with deep understanding of MF/DEBT income products, I work towards fine-tuning operations at WealthFirst with the help of state-of-the-art tech across various database tools.