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Nishil Pandya

WealthFirst Hall of Fame

Integral part of in-house management team working for Ultra large institutions & HNIs
Deep knowledge of data analysis & financial markets and products
Maintaining strong long-term advisor-client relationships


I am here to help build investment portfolios and solutions for you, through a highly client-centric approach. In my years of experience with WealthFirst, I have been an integral part of the in-house wealth management team for WealthFirst’s Ultra large institutions and HNIs, bringing in my core expertise of deep data analysis & fundamental understanding of financial markets & products. My knack for forging and maintaining strong advisor-client relationships has enabled me to transform into an integral part of the WealthFirst family and responsible for key management decisions within the organization. Be it augmenting the efficiency of systems & operations or creating a work environment that drives and inspires team members, my contributions as a pa WealthFirst Steer Team have been many. I look forward to more years at this deemed organization, protecting our esteemed clients wealth and assets over generations.