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Senior Vice President - Sales
Nirad Shah

WealthFirst Hall of Fame

Vice President at WealthFirst with 20+ years of experience in financial services.
An innovative, go-getter with rich expertise in handling a diverse client base.
Forging strong long-term advisory-client relationships


With more than 20 years of dedicated experience in this deemed organization, I started my career in WealthFirst as a relationship manager where I was responsible for dealing with an expansive clientele, establishing and nurturing strong advisor-client bonds, helping our esteemed clients choose the best course of action in investing their hard earned money. Gradually, I grew to managing HNIs and corporate clients, a role that conferred me priceless experience in understanding the minutiae of financial markets, products, policies, and risks. My propensity towards innovation, zeal towards facing any challenge - big or small, coupled with a fierce go-getter attitude has enabled me to grow significantly in my role at WealthFirst while rendering my services & expertise within a highly client-centric ecosystem. As the Vice President at WealthFirst, it's my duty to be a gatekeeper of your financial assets and wealth and help you secure your present and future financially through smart investment solutions.