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Senior Vice President - Equity

Bhadresh Shah

WealthFirst Hall of Fame

25+ years of rich experience financial services
Senior Vice President at WealthFirst with over 20 years of experience within the organization
Rich experience in Direct Equity and Total AUM of 65 Cr+ in Mutual Funds


In my 25+ years of experience in finance & investment, I have witnessed major financial turbulences shaking the very roots of the global economy - the Tech Crisis (2000), Financial Crisis of USA and collapse of Lehman Brothers (2008-09), Demonization (2016), and the current Covid-19 pandemic (2020). Throughout these raging storms across the globe, I have successfully led multiple projects including HNIs , Ultra HNIs, and corporates, with the highest level of wealth protection guaranteed and achieved despite the external upheavals. An expansive experience in Direct Equity and large-scale Mutual Funds have enabled me to build and render highly client-centric investment offerings that focus deeply on the specific needs of each client and forge strong bonds with them.