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Devanshu Maheta

WealthFirst Hall of Fame

More than 30 years of leadership experience
Technical Manager at Veer Plastido Pvt. Ltd.
Worked in leading organizations such as Ingersoll-Rand (India) & Lohia Starlinger Ltd.


Devanshu Mehta is an independent director and one of the Board members of WealthFirst. He comes with no less than 3 decades of experience in a diverse range of technical firms in a leadership capacity. His stint as a technical manager is spread over prominent organizations such as Ingersoll-Rand (India) Limited, Alidhra Textiles Engineer Private Limited, & Lohia Stalinger Limited. Currently he serves as the Technical Manager of Veer Plastido Private Limited. His vision, as one of the Board members, is to merge his rugged experiences & learnings from the tech world with that of the highly pulsating world of finance, with the aim of making wealth management & investment strategies more robust and foolproof in today’s digital age.