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Chief Financial Officer

Manish Kansara

WealthFirst Hall of Fame

More than 28 years of experience in WealthFirst
Deep expertise in equity, debt, mutual funds, & compliance
Helped WealthFirst launch its first IPO & acquire NSE, BSE, & DP memberships.


In my stint at WealthFirst which continues to reach close to 3 decades, I have gained deep expertise in the fields of equity, debt, mutual funds, and compliance that has enabled me to serve our clients better and ensure maximum protection to their wealth. I am proud to say that I led Team WealthFirst for launching its 1st ever IPO and have served as an integral part in acquiring NSE, BSE, and DP membership along with streamlining the processes for the same. I have been the cornerstone within the organization whenever immediate funding had to be planned. The two principles most important to me are perfection and punctuality, and these have been the driving force behind my and my team’s success at Wealthiest. My vision for this esteemed organization is to grow from a portfolio management company to an asset management organization empowering our clients to gain more and more value through their assets.