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Operations Manager
Roshan Shah

WealthFirst Hall of Fame

16+ years of experience in finance and investment management
Head of Operations leading numerous large-scale projects and in-house system improvements
Expert in MIS & Database management, roping in these to create a more efficient process at WealthFirst


I am responsible for designing policies and implementing best practices and state-of-the-art solutions for safeguarding your wealth and ensuring its continued growth. I bring to the table in-depth end-to-end operational expertise developed over 16 years of experience in this dynamic field. In my 13 years with WealthFirst, I have contributed towards the in-house system enhancements. My expertise and proclivity towards Database & MIS Management has enabled me to implement core principles of these spheres into effective decision making, coordination, control, and analysis of information within the organization with marked dedication and accuracy. As the Head of Operations its my foremost duty to guarantee effective and seamless implementation of best organizational practices with zero errors, ensuring complete protection of your financial assets.