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Senior Wealth Manager

Mittal Shah

WealthFirst Hall of Fame

13+ years of experience as a Senior Wealth Manager
Diversified clientele - retail, HNIs, Ultra HNIs, corporates, etc with 100 Cr+ worth of total asset management
Torchbearer of client-centricity and maintaining long term relationships with clients


With a tenure that continues to flourish over 13 years, I have witnessed the global economy take a number of serious hits - from the 2008-09 Lehman Brother Crisis to the 2016-17 demonetization debacle.However, despite these unprecedented turbulent times I have managed to not only secured a strong client base through IAP but also ensured foolproof wealth & asset protection through robust investment portfolio management. Across a diverse array of clients, starting from retail to HNIs to Ultra HNIs and corporate accounts. A staunch believer and follower of a highly client centric approach towards wealth management, I work towards building and reviewing each client’s portfolio keeping in mind their specific current needs and future demands. Maintaining long term relationships with clients while taking care of their individual risk management, liquidity, and cash flow is how I contribute towards effective, weatherproof, and smart investment planning at WealthFirst.