Cancellation and refund Policy

As a leading share market broker, Wealth First portfolio managers ltd. is dedicated to maintaining transparency and providing exceptional services to our valued clients. It's important to note that our services primarily involve facilitating transactions in the dynamic realm of financial markets. Unlike traditional product-based transactions, our services do not encompass the sale or delivery of physical goods, and as such, our operations differ from typical product-based cancellations.

Given the nature of our business, the concept of cancellation, as it applies to tangible products or services with a physical delivery component, is not directly applicable to the financial services we offer. Wealth First Portfolio Managers ltd operates in a fast-paced environment where transactions occur in real-time, and once executed, they are irreversible.

However, we understand that certain situations may arise that require the modification or adjustment of investment strategies. In such cases, we encourage our clients to reach out to our dedicated support team promptly. While we may not have a traditional "cancellation policy", we are committed to assisting our clients to the best of our abilities, addressing their concerns, and exploring suitable solutions within the scope of our services.

It's important for clients to be aware that the financial markets are subject to various factors beyond our control, including market fluctuations, regulatory changes, and unforeseen events. We strive to provide accurate and timely information to empower our clients in making informed decisions.For any inquiries, adjustments, or concerns related to your investments, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team. We are here to assist you in navigating the complexities of the financial markets and ensuring your satisfaction with our services.

Refund Policy

As a dedicated share market broker,Wealth First portfolio managers ltd is committed to providing exceptional services and ensuring client satisfaction. While our primary focus is on facilitating transactions in the dynamic financial markets, we understand that certain circumstances may lead to requests for refunds. Please note that, given the nature of our services, refunds are subject to specific conditions outlined below:

Refund Eligibility:Refunds may be considered under exceptional circumstances, such as technical errors, unauthorized transactions, or other situations deemed appropriate by Wealth First portfolio managers ltd. Clients are encouraged to reach out to our customer support team to discuss their specific situation.

Refund Request Process:Clients can initiate a refund request through the Wealth First portfolio managers ltd mobile app. The app features a dedicated section for refund requests, providing a convenient and streamlined process for clients to communicate their concerns and seek assistance.

Timely Refund Requests:To facilitate a prompt resolution, clients are encouraged to submit refund requests as soon as they become aware of the issue. Timely communication enables us to investigate and address the matter efficiently.

Investigation and Resolution:Upon receiving a refund request,Wealth First portfolio managers ltd will conduct a thorough investigation to determine the eligibility for a refund. We strive to provide a fair and transparent resolution based on the specific circumstances of each case.

Communication of Decision:Clients will be notified of the decision regarding their refund request through the Wealth First portfolio managers ltd app. Clear communication is essential to keep clients informed about the status of their request and any further steps that may be required

.Exceptions:Refund requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. While we are committed to addressing valid concerns, it's important to note that certain market-related factors beyond our control may limit the feasibility of refunds in some instances.

Refund Processing:If a refund is approved, the processing time may vary depending on the nature of the request and the associated circumstances. Clients will be informed of the expected timeline for the refund to be processed.For any questions or assistance regarding our refund policy, clients can access the dedicated refund request section within the Wealth First portfolio managers ltd  mobile app or contact our customer support team directly.