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Our service in mutual fund
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  Our service in Mutual Fund

 »Wealth First does in-depth research with set of statistical tools on various mutual fund    schemes.  The fund which has outperformed benchmark indices consistently is the main    criteria for recommendation. Investors can purchase, sale or switch mutual fund units from    our portal.We provide following expertise for Mutual Fund Investment:
Experienced and Mature Mutual Fund  Advisory Team
          » Unbiased, objective Counsel
          » Focused expertise across all Funds
          » Client Centric Work Model
 » Investment Process For Mutual Fund Investment
    Investment Counsel

   Wealth first’s Financial Advisors meet, interact, discuss, analyze, understand and internalize    the needs, hopes and plans of each client. This insight is then passed on to a team of    strategist who formulates a scientific investment blueprint for each client to meet his profit    expectations and in sync with his risk appetite.
   Each investment blueprint has the following components

   Asset Research
An in-house research division that keeps track of mutual funds and devise personalized    strategies for each client.

   Asset Allocation
   The Fund selection is strategize as per the risk appetite of each client across the asset    classes.

   Portfolio Review
   Every fortnight, Wealth first Financial Advisor undertakes an overall review of the portfolios they    currently handle with a broader profitability perspective.



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